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About Us

Ars Scientia aims to facilitate the creative exploration of conceptual frameworks surrounding acts and modes of research, knowledge exchange, and pedagogy across disciplines. Bridging perceived gaps between the two poles of the University’s Main Mall, arts and sciences, has proven to be especially crucial as Canada faces a second year defined by COVID-19, and as UBC scholars grapple with new modes of learning and relating to each other and their environments. In the collaborative programs created by the Cluster, artists will provide new ways of imagining research and knowledge exchange as a dimensional counterpart to the research carried out at Blusson QMI. These sites of exchange will be opened to the UBC community to engage and test out new ways of learning in a post-pandemic world. Through the development of conversation programs and panel series in tandem with the creation of an ongoing artist residency at the SBQMI, the Cluster addresses questions of pedagogical outcomes, interdisciplinary research, and the emergent interstices of art and science.

The cluster takes its impetus from the 2021 exhibition at the Belkin, Drift: Art and Dark Matter. Artists in this exhibition reflect on the “how” and “why” of physics and art as diverse and interrelating practices of knowledge. Through exchange between disciplines as such, much of the cluster’s programming complements and works with Drift and its tenure at the Belkin.

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