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Daniel Korchinski

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Faculty of Science

Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute

Daniel is an NSERC- and QuEST-funded Physics PhD candidate at the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute of UBC. He obtained his MSc in Physics from the University of Calgary, where he studied avalanches in neurons. He specializes in using computational experiments to study systems near “critical points” or “phase transitions” where they exhibit universal phenomena. Universality ties together disparate systems that might initially seem very distinct. It’s also surprisingly prevalent, with hints of universality appearing in wildfires, earthquake, and avalanche statistics. These systems seem to self-organize, poising themselves to balance at maximum variability, as energy flows into the system and is released with fractal avalanches. His PhD studies the avalanches that appear as amorphous solids (e.g. glass, emulsions, and foams) are loaded and begin to flow jerkily. Outside of research, he is an avid climber and skier, and dabbles in generative art. He enjoys teaching and public outreach.