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Kirk Madison

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Faculty of Science

UBC Department of Physics & Astronomy

The achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation and the production of Fermi degenerate gases from laser-cooled alkali vapors has created a new class of quantum many-body systems and a new field at the intersection of atom optics and low temperature physics.  In addition, laser cooled gases are extremely sensitive to their external environment, and they can be used as detectors for sensing acceleration, gravity, electric fields and the presence of other particles.  Cold atoms thus furnish a completely new experimental approach to some of the most important and outstanding mysteries of condensed matter physics, and they offer a new class of atomic scale sensors for applications.

My interests are in fundamental and applied research with cold atoms including the application of ultra-cold gases (both atomic and molecular) to topics in the physics and chemistry of many-body quantum systems and the application of laser cooled gases to realize a new class of atomic-scale quantum sensors.