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Throughout the length of the artist-physicist residencies, the Ars Scientia cluster meets every three weeks to touch base and discuss interdisciplinary readings. These 90-minute meetings encourage the free flow of thoughts and ideas, and allow for interdisciplinary exchange to manifest organically.

June 3: “More is Different” by P. W. Anderson

  • How do we think about the term “emergence” in our respective fields?
  • How can we disentangle our own subjectivity in order to be objective?

June 24: “A Glossary of Haunting” by Eve Tuck and C. Ree

  • Upsetting the idea of the protagonist or hero as someone that has to make things right.

July 22: “Being in the World” documentary film by Tao Ruspoli

  • Finding meaning in life through the mastery of certain skills that are tangible.
  • “Mastery” as a potentially contentious and outdated term.
  • What about more platonic ideals that are less tangible or material?

August 19: “Unthinking Mastery” by Julietta Singh

  • “Mastery” has been decided by a specific approach with a certain end goal, but what would happen if we were more expansive and explored alternative approaches?
  • “Mingling Art and Science” by Toni Feder
  • When are art and science the same thing, or serving the same function? Not serving each other or complementing each other, but doing the same thing?